Makeup Monday: My Lip Routine

Okay so with how hard this winter has been (especially in upstate NY) almost all of us have suffered from dry lips this season! So I decided today I would share with you my routine and how I avoid those not so fun lipstick clumps and dried lips! This routine will not only help your dry lips, this will also help help plump your lips and help your lipstick last throughout the day!

The first step in this routine is to drink more water, I know this is a little random but, that is the ultimate help for dry lips. Apart from drinking your daily 8 glasses you can use a few of these products!

Alright, so this is one of the very first things I do during my morning makeup routine. Moisturizer, Primer, Lips. So your going to take a Lip Exfoliator, I love this one from E.L.F (E.L.F. products are amazing, very inexpensive but great quality!). You're going to rub this on your lips and rub your lips together until the sugar crystals and/or the dead skin on your lips are gone.

You're then going to grab your favorite lip balm and immediately apply that to your lips! I have been choosing the lovely Lavender Lip Salve from Little Seed Farm or Maybelline New York Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm! I typically use the salve if I have any deep cracks in my lips because it's better at healing but, it doesn't dry super quickly. The Baby Lips has been my daily go to as my lips have smoothed and dried by the time I am ready to apply my lipstick or stain. Quick side note, this clear Baby Lips is also super handy to use over your lip stain as well.  

Then go ahead and apply the rest of your makeup, allowing your lip balm to dry a bit. Finish your look by applying the lipstick of your choice, as you know my go to lately has been the Nabi Cosmetics Lipsticks which were featured in last weeks post!  I know I had originally mentioned loving their dark colors. However, I have really been enjoying their "honey" color for those days I want a bit more natural look! 

There you go, a super simple way to make your lips look a little healthier and your lipstick last longer!

Hope you enjoyed this Makeup Monday! Don't forget to share this with your friends :)
Love you all!

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