More Pictures of More Things!

by 7:19 PM
So its been awhile, okay so it's been a bit longer then a over 2 months but, I'm back and typing so be prepared. A lot has been happening over the last few months business is super busy, which is great, life is busy, all those other excuses that have kept me from sitting down and typing stuff to the 5 people who read this (hey guys). In my defense this post has been written and sitting as a draft for about 2 months I tried. 

Anyways, this week I wanted to share with you all a few of the pictures I took for my brother-in-law! I do product photos for him once in a while and I really love how these came out!

There will be more to see once his website is up and running, I will try my best to remember to actually share that! 

This summer in general has seemed to fly by (I know how cliche is that line) but, it has been awesome starting our business and getting to use the things I'm passionate about to make a living! God is so awesome for giving me the opportunities to do all of this! It still baffles my mind that our business is actually growing and that I get to do awesome things like this for a living! I know you guys may be tired of hearing all about our business ventures, but I am so dang excited about it, I can't not talk about it. 

I promise I will try to write another post sooner than two months from now!

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