Am I a Hipster Now?

I have never felt more like a Hipster in my life, I am currently sitting in a coffee shop, listening to NPR, drinking cold brew coffee....writing a blog post! Who am I?

I am not really sure of what the whole point of this post is other to sit here on my laptop and type to look like I'm doing something! Today is my "get the heck out of the house day", this is the first of hopefully many. There are many, many perks of working from home however, there are a few drawbacks, it can be difficult to concentrate at times because there are so many distractions, it can get a bit lonely not seeing people, it can be a bit hard to motivate yourself to work when there is the option to cuddle up in all your blankets and binge watch Netflix, and when you share only 1 car with your never leave the house! So, for my mental health, Andy and I decided 1 day a week he would drop me of in Glens Falls for the day so I can sit in a coffee shop and look like the freaking coolest hipster ever. Also it's just to break up the monotony of sitting at home all the time, it's only been like 30 minutes but, so far I like it. I am really hoping this will help my productivity levels during the last few days of the week, because seriously by Friday (by Friday I really mean Monday afternoon) the motivation level is gone.

I'm sure you would all find it hysterical that I'm trying real hard to get some cool selfies because there is a really great giant mirror in the room I am sitting in, however, people keep coming in here! Dang it guys!
This is the only one I was able to snap...and it's not even that great.

Well that's all this Wednesday folks! See you Friday :)

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