Friday Fave::What I'm Playing

It has been far too long since this blog has said anything about video games! That is mainly because I have barely had 5 seconds to myself lately, so there have been little amounts of gaming in my life lately, which is terrible and I've decided I just need to blog about it more as an excuse to play! 

Unless you're a millionaire with all the free time in the world, there is always that one popular game series that seems to slip by you! For me that was Assassin's Creed, in all the (probably thousands) of hours I have dedicated to gaming in my life, I just never played it. If I remember correctly it came out in 2007 which was the same year I got a Wii and was discovering/re-discovering my sincere love of all things Zelda and I didn't play anything else for awhile! So, once I missed the first one, I just continued to let the rest of the series slip by.

That was until 2 years ago when Andy and I built our gaming PC and I bought him 1 and 2 for Christmas! Now, unfortunately (or fortunately depending on who you are in this story) Andy and I made a deal that I could not play either game until he finished them. This is because I always play games first and end up ruining them for Andy because he is intimidated by my amazing game skillz (yes it's spelled with a z in this case). It may also be because he gets tired of watching me play the game and gets bored of them before he can play....I'm going to go with the mad skillz option.
Anyways, all that ramble to say I was further deprived from this series.
Now, I need to mention here that Andy is the freaking slowest video game player ever. Or maybe he just doesn't want to live in a computer cave for 72 hours while he marathons through playing a some other people we may know, who may or may not be the one authoring this blog.....this is a judgement free zone.
So finally, a few days ago I got the official go ahead to start the series! I am only a couple hours in so far but, I love it! I am really excited to play the game and get through to at least Assassin's Creed Black Flag (I don't mention Unity because I have heard not awesome things and Rogue just came out and so far also not stellar reviews. I could probably dedicate a whole post to ranting about Ubisoft lately)!

Let me know what popular video game series you missed and if you are ever going to get around to playing it!

Love you all!

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