Lavender Lip Salve: Little Seed Farm

Okay so I am currently putting off my actual job to sit here and write about this lovely Lavender Lip Salve from Little Seed Farm (found at my dear roommates shop, Travel Well).
So there I was sitting in my living room in the middle of the cold and snow in upstate NY crying over my chapped, cracked lips when it dawned on me that my great roommate had just gotten in some sort of  lip product for her amazing little store. Since my Chapstick was nowhere to be found, I asked her to try out one of her new products and I am so happy I did.
Side story, one of my dearest friends, who happens to live in TN, where this great little farm is, she has also worked on a goat farm, but that's probably a story for another day. Anyways, she just introduced me to salve when she was here a few weeks ago, yes I'm way behind on the trends. I used her little concoction for a cut I had and it helped immensely. I'm not really sure what the purpose of that ramble was other than to mention my friend that uses salve also lives in Tennessee.

So I have only had this little product for a few hours and I am already in love! First off, can we talk about how adorable these little tins are!

They are just the perfect thing to have a lip balm in, also they are totally reusable so yay eco-friendly! 

Secondly I am totally in love with the scent I chose, I was a little concerned at first using a lavender scent on my lips, however, it is super nice, also on the plus side, they use organic lavender essential oil, which is a great ingredient to help heal cuts or tears on your lips!

Alright I'm almost done!

These are handmade by a family in Tennessee whose farm focuses on "true sustainability" and "Creating chemical-free, safe and nourishing skincare". They use all natural and organic ingredients and the lip salves are "made WITHOUT: parabens, petroleum products(did you know that mineral oil is a petroleum product?), sulfate, phthalates, and GMOs." according to their Etsy page.
Here is the most amazing feature, this stuff can be used on more than just your lips, according to their Etsy shop, it can also be used on scraps, cuticles, and dry skin! I think I am going to buy stock and just start bathing in the stuff!

If you're local to the Glens Falls/Saratoga area, these little gems can be found at:
Travel Well (In the Shirt Factory)
Room 114
71 Lawrence St, Glens Falls, NY

If you are not local there is a whole list of locations at or you can order from their Etsy store.

Alright well I am headed back to my real job now! Thanks for taking a break with me!

Love you all!!

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