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Things to do in Nashville

I was sort of a terrible blogger while we were on our trip in February. I had really grand plans to write a bunch, take pictures, and be a real life travel blogger that month. That just totally did not happen. So trying to make the most of my Daredevil binge watching (yes Jillian it’s finally happening) I decided to write some posts and tell you all about our trip.
The first stop I really want to talk about is Nashville. I am obsessed with this place. My obsession may stem from one of my dearest friends in the world living there and showing us around that day but, for real I would move there in like a second.

So, here are a few suggestions of places you should go visit if you ever find yourself in Nashville. Yes, they are mostly all food places….good places to eat is legitimately the reason I like to travel. 

1. Five Daughters Bakery

So for real, if a donut could change your life, it is the 100-layer donut at Five Daughters Bakery. It is seriously the best thing ever. I don’t even like donuts that much and this is arguably one of the best things I have ever eaten.

 2. Burger-Up

Holy homemade, farm to table goodness batman. So I love burgers, we never eat red meat at home so when we go out to eat, I am getting a burger. So a restaurant dedicated to burgers was already going to be my favorite but, add in the fact that they put macaroni and cheese on one of them and you’ve basically described my heaven. It may have been the best burger I have ever eaten...this place and The Red Yeti in Indiana are come really tough competition for each other.

3. The Soda Parlor

So first thing is first, watch this video. 
Now that you’ve laughed for 12 minutes straight you can truly appreciate why I would love a place created by that guy. 

Olan Rogers (guy in video) created the Soda Parlor and it is as cool as he is. Old video games, soda, and awesomely designed t-shirts. This place was awesome. I totally suggest you going.
Also I would watch this video to get the story behind the place. 

4. The Parthenon

Yeah, this is the 1 legit tourist thing we did. But, as you may or may not know. I love a good park and this one did not disappoint. Built in 1897 as a part of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition it is truly an architectural feat. I would say the museum inside is worth it but, just as worth it is walk around the park. 

There were so many other great things about this city. I would really encourage you to go for a visit. We loved it!

Thanks for reading as always!

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