Makeup Monday: My Lip Routine

by 3:00 AM
Okay so with how hard this winter has been (especially in upstate NY) almost all of us have suffered from dry lips this season! So I decided today I would share with you my routine and how I avoid those not so fun lipstick clumps and dried lips! This routine will not only help your dry lips, this will also help help plump your lips and help your lipstick last throughout the day!

The first step in this routine is to drink more water, I know this is a little random but, that is the ultimate help for dry lips. Apart from drinking your daily 8 glasses you can use a few of these products!

Alright, so this is one of the very first things I do during my morning makeup routine. Moisturizer, Primer, Lips. So your going to take a Lip Exfoliator, I love this one from E.L.F (E.L.F. products are amazing, very inexpensive but great quality!). You're going to rub this on your lips and rub your lips together until the sugar crystals and/or the dead skin on your lips are gone.

You're then going to grab your favorite lip balm and immediately apply that to your lips! I have been choosing the lovely Lavender Lip Salve from Little Seed Farm or Maybelline New York Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm! I typically use the salve if I have any deep cracks in my lips because it's better at healing but, it doesn't dry super quickly. The Baby Lips has been my daily go to as my lips have smoothed and dried by the time I am ready to apply my lipstick or stain. Quick side note, this clear Baby Lips is also super handy to use over your lip stain as well.  

Then go ahead and apply the rest of your makeup, allowing your lip balm to dry a bit. Finish your look by applying the lipstick of your choice, as you know my go to lately has been the Nabi Cosmetics Lipsticks which were featured in last weeks post!  I know I had originally mentioned loving their dark colors. However, I have really been enjoying their "honey" color for those days I want a bit more natural look! 

There you go, a super simple way to make your lips look a little healthier and your lipstick last longer!

Hope you enjoyed this Makeup Monday! Don't forget to share this with your friends :)
Love you all!

Friday Fave: Veronica Mars

by 7:59 AM

Okay, yes I get that this show is like 9 years old (okay I just Googled's 11 years old, oh wow). However, I have been re-watching it lately, in fact I am currently watching an episode as I type this and I just needed to talk about how much I love this show. I obviously need to start off by mentioning just how amazing Kristen Bell is, I am pretty sure she is my spirit animal, here is a video of her crying at sloths...for proof.

This wasn't always a thing, it used to take a lot to make me cry, now it's like if I even think of something slightly happy or sad I ball my eyes out. You can ask any attendee at Hannah's wedding for proof...technically I think the Matron of Honor is supposed to hold it together for the bride, that totally didn't happen. Dang you guys I'm crying all over again. Shoot.

Anyways, now that I have, like always, gone on a completely pointless ramble. Let's get back to the topic of this blog. Veronica Mars is up there in my favorite shows list, it's just so well done, the stories are great, the characters are great and it's just all around enjoyable to watch. Now as with all amazing shows it was indeed canceled way to early. However, there are 3 great seasons available on Amazon Prime Instant Video and now a movie. A movie that was funded by a record breaking Kickstarter campaign that could revolutionize fan funded if only we could do more of this for things like could dream.
I also loved the movie, a lot. It was a bit different than what I was originally expecting but, it was still amazing...and again Kristen Bell is in it so how can you really go wrong?

I almost totally forgot! After the movie Rob Thomas started writing Veronica Mars books! 1. Veronica Mars:The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line 2. Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and Tell I am about half way through the first one and I am thoroughly enjoying it so far! It really continued the story line well and we get to see the return of some old characters we did not see in the movie!

Alright well I'm off to marathon some more Veronica Mars and by the looks of this photo start training to be a PI myself!

Peace out Marshmallows!

What's-up Wednesdays: Travel Plans

by 3:00 AM
Yes I needed one more title that had alliteration, judge away.

Anyways, lets get to it! I really wanted to talk about all the traveling plans Andy and I have. Now I'm not writing this post because I am 100% certain any of these things are going to happen, or even if this will all be one route, or really anything about this/these potential trip(s) because that's ultimately up to God not us. We have a few goals when it comes to traveling 1. Buy a sailboat and sail "around" the world (this would probably be 2 trips). 2. Buy an RV and do an amazing cross country road trip! Due to the logistics of world traveling, we figured we would satisfy our wanderlust first by the second option. So here is the beginnings of our planning:

Photo Cred: Andy Cox
This is a photo of the route we want to travel! It's not necessarily a route yet, it really just future destinations, as a route is proving difficult to plan, there are so many places we want to go!

So I don't know if you know this about me but, I have moved every 2 years since I was 11. I love to move. I get to know people from all over and see different places. Now as of the end of April, it will officially end that rule as I will have lived in Fort Ann officially over 2 years. I find it super weird that of all the places I have lived, this is where I have settled the longest so far, odd. Anyways all the "settling down" has kicked my wanderlust into super high gear. So we have started planning "Heather and Andy's Epic Road trip of Enter Year Here". So from now until it happens I am just going to start planning like it will. We made our first official road trip affiliated purchase with the map featured above and some sweet map pins! No I don't have a color coding system for the pins yet...but I will soon (and yes in case you're wondering I am a giant nerd), also I already ran out of pins! Anyways, this so far is a very long late night ramble all to say it's been fun planning this someday adventure with Andy and I'm excited for this to happen someday.

So if you have suggestions on where we need to go, make sure you leave me a comment!

Love you all!

Makeup Monday:: Nabi Cosmetics Professional Lipstick

by 4:00 AM
Welcome to round 2 of Makeup Mondays! If you missed last weeks product head here! This week I want to talk about lipstick, specifically these 8pc Nabi Cosmetics Professional Selected Lipsticks. 
I have never really worn lipstick much but, as you know if you frequent this blog, I have been on a bit of a makeup journey lately and I knew I was going to need to branch off soon!
Lipstick is a hard thing to purchase, you want something that is going to be long lasting, won't smudge, has good color, and most importantly will not dry out your lips! After extensive research on Amazon, I settled on this set, it was $16 and some change which is $2 per tube and for the price this is really great stuff! I just checked and as of 03/15/15 this set was on sale for $8 and some change on amazon, so definitely check that link above.

Photo Credit: Andrew Cox

These have a 4 star review on Amazon and personally I think that is spot on, I'm not going to tell you these are the most amazing lipsticks in the world because that would not be honest. but I do think they are amazing quality for the price and I have really enjoyed using them! I don't think you will find anything as nice for this inexpensive! I love the colors that came in this set. It comes with a good variety of pinks, reds, oranges, and some darker tones which is great for a beginner because you can use these to find the color that works for you and invest in a more expensive stick of just that color! They don't have that typical "cheap" smell or texture you can find in lower quality lipsticks. I guess my only real con is that I don't feel like the color lasts all day, you do need to reapply once or twice.

Photo Credit: Andrew Cox

These are the 2 colors I have been using most! They are the "Wine" and "Dark Plum" they look a little pinker in the photo but, they are the more purple-reds of the set. I am really finding that the darker colors work really great with my skin tone! I will definitely be posting pictures in the future of some looks!

Let me know what your favorite of this set is? Or what your favorite color of lipstick is in general!

Love you all! 

Friday Fave::What I'm Playing

by 4:00 AM
It has been far too long since this blog has said anything about video games! That is mainly because I have barely had 5 seconds to myself lately, so there have been little amounts of gaming in my life lately, which is terrible and I've decided I just need to blog about it more as an excuse to play! 

Unless you're a millionaire with all the free time in the world, there is always that one popular game series that seems to slip by you! For me that was Assassin's Creed, in all the (probably thousands) of hours I have dedicated to gaming in my life, I just never played it. If I remember correctly it came out in 2007 which was the same year I got a Wii and was discovering/re-discovering my sincere love of all things Zelda and I didn't play anything else for awhile! So, once I missed the first one, I just continued to let the rest of the series slip by.

That was until 2 years ago when Andy and I built our gaming PC and I bought him 1 and 2 for Christmas! Now, unfortunately (or fortunately depending on who you are in this story) Andy and I made a deal that I could not play either game until he finished them. This is because I always play games first and end up ruining them for Andy because he is intimidated by my amazing game skillz (yes it's spelled with a z in this case). It may also be because he gets tired of watching me play the game and gets bored of them before he can play....I'm going to go with the mad skillz option.
Anyways, all that ramble to say I was further deprived from this series.
Now, I need to mention here that Andy is the freaking slowest video game player ever. Or maybe he just doesn't want to live in a computer cave for 72 hours while he marathons through playing a some other people we may know, who may or may not be the one authoring this blog.....this is a judgement free zone.
So finally, a few days ago I got the official go ahead to start the series! I am only a couple hours in so far but, I love it! I am really excited to play the game and get through to at least Assassin's Creed Black Flag (I don't mention Unity because I have heard not awesome things and Rogue just came out and so far also not stellar reviews. I could probably dedicate a whole post to ranting about Ubisoft lately)!

Let me know what popular video game series you missed and if you are ever going to get around to playing it!

Love you all!

4 Years!

by 10:00 PM

I seriously cannot believe 4 years ago today I was getting married to Andy! I know everyone says that, but for real, I cannot believe it has been that long already! It's even crazier to think about how we started dating almost 8 years ago! We have lived in 2 states, in 2 apartments, had 2 great cross country road trips (okay 1 was great and 1 was marathoned and not so awesome, but still), and met some really amazing people and made some awesome memories along the way! I really can't imagine anyone more perfect for me than Andy and could not be happier to have spent the last 4 years with him!
Also be forewarned, I was originally only going to have a few photos, then I found a bunch and now this is mostly pictures :)

Saratoga 2011 

Fred and Daphane, Halloween 2013

                                                                 Lake Placid 2015                         Photo Cred: Abbey Deerest

Lake Placid 2008! (Thanks Jillian for the sweet roadtrip!)

Our Save the Date picture(2010)!

I'm really not sure why we chose this out of all the pictures it could have been

Colorado 2012

 I am going to be cliche and sappy here for a few seconds, but I really cannot imagine my life without Andy. He is my best friend in the world, I love that we can to binge watch Doctor Who and play video games, yet we can flip a switch and work hard together and grow our business! He supports and motivates me in everything I do, no matter what crazy thing I want to pursue next, he leads and encourages my decisions.
I may have already said this but, I am beyond blessed to have this man in my life.

Lake Placid 2013

Browns Brewery 2014

Thanks again for reading and hope you all have an awesome day!

Makeup Mondays:: Coastal Scents Ultimate Eye Shadow Palette

by 9:00 PM
So I think "Makeup Mondays" are going to be a new thing! I am going to pick my favorite makeup product, looks, or general makeup thing and talk about it! Maybe I'll even start including some of my favorite makeup vloggers! I really don't want this whole blog to talk about beauty products but, I do want it to be a part of it, so this is what I decided to do!

Alright so to kick off Makeup Mondays I want to talk about one of my latest purchases which is this amazing palette from Coastal Scents! 

 Photo Credits: Andrew Cox

This is their Coastal Scents 252 Ultimate Eye Shadow Palette it was $27.50 on Amazon. I cannot say enough how in love I am with this product! So far absolutely everything I have purchased from Coastal Scents has been amazing quality for a very decent price!
All 3 palettes come in the case above, with the adorable pink little ribbons to get them out! They have a piece of plastic that sits in between to protect the colors. It is super nice to have one container for all 3, it takes up minimal space on my sink.

Photo Credits: Andrew Cox

The colors are seriously amazing! They are so pigmented, you definitely do not need a lot to create whatever look you want! It, as you can see, comes with an astounding amount of colors, you could create just about any combination you wanted! So far my favorite of the 3, is the bottom palette in the picture below! I just love browns and purples! 

Photo Credits: Andrew Cox

 I am still pretty new to expanding my makeup collection and my ability to create looks but, I am really hoping to show you guys some looks made with this in future posts! It gives me a great excuse to sit in my bathroom and play with makeup!

Thanks so much for reading and I love you all!

Life Update!

by 6:22 PM
So I'm sitting here while Sarah is making "Padsicles", no you probably don't want to know what those are, but if you I only mention these because she told me I should like 6 times and the look on Andy's face when he found out what they were was pretty great, as entertainment I think you all should click the link and @reply me your face on Twitter or Instagram. Also I cannot argue with the fact that it is pretty entertaining blog material. Anyways, I was wondering out loud what the heck I have done with my life recently that would warrant a blog post and what the heck I should write about....don't worry padsicles did not make the cut.

My first thought is that nothing has really happened I've worked, worked some more, and then worked more on top of that, then I realized that's not actually quite the truth, I've had so much going on, it's been really hard to keep it all straight. So sit down and get comfy because I think this will be a long one.

So let's head back to February, I know we're, all looking towards Spring, but really it's not too far back! My dear friend Abbey, came to visit me for almost 2 weeks! It's always so lovely to see her. I love that we can lay in my bed, eat chips (both the potato and chocolate variety), and watch Netflix all day together and no one will pass judgement. I mean you may be judging us now but, really you're probably just jealous.


It was lovely to just have her here, we had a few adventures, but mainly we just hung out in my house this is what we are best at, she edited photos and painted, I worked.

Working from home full time I sometimes forget how nice it is to just have someone working with you, just someone to speak your thoughts out loud too with out looking like a crazy person talking to an empty room.

On a super random note, my new found makeup addiction has grown immensely! Like seriously look at this photo!

 I've been such a tom-boy my whole life, while I still would probably pick video games over makeup, it has been really fun to get a bit more girly!

There have been a lot of goodbyes to say the passed few weeks, Hannah headed to California, Abbey went back to Tennessee and last weekend we helped my parents pack their moving truck so they could head south!
That was a bittersweet day, I am so excited for them and there new adventure but, I definitely am going to miss them only being an hour away. I am super jealous of their 80 degree weather! Hopefully we will be down there soon enough ;) Also I'm really enjoying the pictures of the sopping wet dogs falling in the pool!
I am excited for everyone else's moves but it definitely has my wanderlust kicked in high gear,
I am really looking forward to what the rest of this year has in store for Andy and I. The business has been keeping us super busy, but I am really hoping we can get away and go visit all our family that is now spread out all over!

Now to go drink 30 more cups of coffee and keep these gears going!


Thanks for reading and love you all!

Lavender Lip Salve: Little Seed Farm

by 6:12 PM
Okay so I am currently putting off my actual job to sit here and write about this lovely Lavender Lip Salve from Little Seed Farm (found at my dear roommates shop, Travel Well).
So there I was sitting in my living room in the middle of the cold and snow in upstate NY crying over my chapped, cracked lips when it dawned on me that my great roommate had just gotten in some sort of  lip product for her amazing little store. Since my Chapstick was nowhere to be found, I asked her to try out one of her new products and I am so happy I did.
Side story, one of my dearest friends, who happens to live in TN, where this great little farm is, she has also worked on a goat farm, but that's probably a story for another day. Anyways, she just introduced me to salve when she was here a few weeks ago, yes I'm way behind on the trends. I used her little concoction for a cut I had and it helped immensely. I'm not really sure what the purpose of that ramble was other than to mention my friend that uses salve also lives in Tennessee.

So I have only had this little product for a few hours and I am already in love! First off, can we talk about how adorable these little tins are!

They are just the perfect thing to have a lip balm in, also they are totally reusable so yay eco-friendly! 

Secondly I am totally in love with the scent I chose, I was a little concerned at first using a lavender scent on my lips, however, it is super nice, also on the plus side, they use organic lavender essential oil, which is a great ingredient to help heal cuts or tears on your lips!

Alright I'm almost done!

These are handmade by a family in Tennessee whose farm focuses on "true sustainability" and "Creating chemical-free, safe and nourishing skincare". They use all natural and organic ingredients and the lip salves are "made WITHOUT: parabens, petroleum products(did you know that mineral oil is a petroleum product?), sulfate, phthalates, and GMOs." according to their Etsy page.
Here is the most amazing feature, this stuff can be used on more than just your lips, according to their Etsy shop, it can also be used on scraps, cuticles, and dry skin! I think I am going to buy stock and just start bathing in the stuff!

If you're local to the Glens Falls/Saratoga area, these little gems can be found at:
Travel Well (In the Shirt Factory)
Room 114
71 Lawrence St, Glens Falls, NY

If you are not local there is a whole list of locations at or you can order from their Etsy store.

Alright well I am headed back to my real job now! Thanks for taking a break with me!

Love you all!!

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