Makeup Monday:: Nabi Cosmetics Professional Lipstick

Welcome to round 2 of Makeup Mondays! If you missed last weeks product head here! This week I want to talk about lipstick, specifically these 8pc Nabi Cosmetics Professional Selected Lipsticks. 
I have never really worn lipstick much but, as you know if you frequent this blog, I have been on a bit of a makeup journey lately and I knew I was going to need to branch off soon!
Lipstick is a hard thing to purchase, you want something that is going to be long lasting, won't smudge, has good color, and most importantly will not dry out your lips! After extensive research on Amazon, I settled on this set, it was $16 and some change which is $2 per tube and for the price this is really great stuff! I just checked and as of 03/15/15 this set was on sale for $8 and some change on amazon, so definitely check that link above.

Photo Credit: Andrew Cox

These have a 4 star review on Amazon and personally I think that is spot on, I'm not going to tell you these are the most amazing lipsticks in the world because that would not be honest. but I do think they are amazing quality for the price and I have really enjoyed using them! I don't think you will find anything as nice for this inexpensive! I love the colors that came in this set. It comes with a good variety of pinks, reds, oranges, and some darker tones which is great for a beginner because you can use these to find the color that works for you and invest in a more expensive stick of just that color! They don't have that typical "cheap" smell or texture you can find in lower quality lipsticks. I guess my only real con is that I don't feel like the color lasts all day, you do need to reapply once or twice.

Photo Credit: Andrew Cox

These are the 2 colors I have been using most! They are the "Wine" and "Dark Plum" they look a little pinker in the photo but, they are the more purple-reds of the set. I am really finding that the darker colors work really great with my skin tone! I will definitely be posting pictures in the future of some looks!

Let me know what your favorite of this set is? Or what your favorite color of lipstick is in general!

Love you all! 

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