Trending For All The Wrong Reasons: Bud Light Edition

by 5:00 PM

I love to write about marketing faux pas, you may have seen a post I wrote a while back detailing some Twitter fails companies have had in the past, you can check that out on Medium. If you have been anywhere near the Internet tonight you'll know Bud Light just had a major mess up. In the age of feminism and "rape culture" they decided a good new slogan for the latest part of their "Up for Whatever" campaign would be "the perfect beer for removing 'No' from your vocabulary for the night". Twitter has blown up with #nomeansno slamming Bud for putting this on their product. 

This is one of those moments where I really question how a team of intelligent adults can get together and no one thought this was a bad idea. If there was a guy who told them not to do this, I hope they are giving him a freaking raise. It's bad enough Bud Light has been in hot water for this campaign before when they stated you should 'pinch people who aren't #upforwhatever" creating a separate onslaught of social media rage!
How do companies go so wrong? How does a team hired specifically to understand social climates and trends decide this is a good slogan?
These questions I will probably never have the answer to. If I was running Bud Light's marketing campaigns I would probably nix the "Up for Whatever" campaign all together and focus on drinking responsibly, it's less exciting but companies forget your marketing campaign should be tailored to what you consumers want from you, not always what you want to give them.

I stand by the statement I made in my aforementioned post  regarding social media or really any marketing fail. This will not kill Bud Light, it will probably still be the go to beer for 20 something parties. At the end of the day a marketing mistake does not change the 2 reasons most consumers buy their product; it's still cheap and it's still beer. Also I don't think anyone is going to stop buying Bud Light over what was obviously an error, I mean what company is going to purposefully put out a statement they think insinuates it's okay to rape someone. Only a group of out of touch idiots would put that slogan anywhere near a companies product! Oh wait.....

Anyways, I may have joined in on the Twitter fun as well!

Well I hope you all had a laugh and a great Tuesday! Here's to hoping my own marketing efforts never end up on one my own fail lists! (This statement is made extremely ironic by the fact that I used the incorrect your above...I should always have my sister-in-law Jillian edit all my tweets before I publish them). #howdoyoumissthatheather

Love you all!

Two New Projects and a Baby

by 5:53 PM

Hello Internet!

 I have been a very bad blogger the last 2 weeks! Although, in my defense, in has been a little crazy! We’ve been working extra hard to get a lot of our side projects actually up and running, ironically enough that has been keeping me away from this side project! Anyways, we've updated our Spread Shirt store, link in the side bar! Added some new designs, we are in the process of working on a new header and layout, etc! We are pretty excited to put some more time into this, I think our goal will be to put up 1 new shirt a month (if you have shirt ideas leave them in the comments or tweet us @maybe_heather @boredcollegeguy). 

We are also planning on getting an Etsy store up and running, selling posters, most likely they’ll be available for digital download first, we may have full prints available in the future we’re just not sure yet! 

I will let you all know as soon as that is up and running! Other than those things we have been busy working on our real jobs! Both of which have been insanely busy, however, busy is good (as my dad would tell me)! 

 So the most exciting thing that has happened in the last few weeks is our housemates had their baby! 

Thatcher Finn Callahan was born 4/16 at 6:30am. He is the most precious little baby. You know, most new born babies are not cute, lets be real, normally they’re puffy, red, and sometimes have some seriously ,mis-shapen heads, then normally in a week or so they become an actually cute baby. Thatcher, however, came out adorable. I know I am probably biased but, he is just perfect. They just came home today ( I am writing this on Monday) and I am excited to have them back. As nice as it was to have the house to ourselves for a few days, we definitely missed them! We kept joking that we felt like “Empty nesters” with them gone! That basically sums up what we’ve been working on lately! I am sure there will be more exciting things to share with you soon! Hope you all are having a fabulous Wednesday!

 Love you all!


Makeup Monday: e.l.f Haul

by 10:24 AM
Phew! What a morning it has been! It seems like every time I sit down to do a project today, something has interrupted me. So hopefully this is not going to take me all day to write!
I wrote this over 2 hours ago, not knowing that I was not going to be able to find the pictures I needed, so although it didn't take me all day to literally write this post, it did take almost all day to actually get it up! Oh man, Monday's are my favorite! 

Anyways, back a few weeks ago I went out to Target to grab some more e.l.f products! As you know if you frequent this blog, I have been really into e.l.f lately and I wanted to check out more of their stuff! 
target elf product haul
Photo Credit: Andy Cox
So here's what I got! 

I've been really wanting to expand my blush and bronzer collection so I was very excited to pick this Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder. Now, this is definitely a product I am still learning to use, as far as the contouring part goes. However, the colors are super nice, I love, this blush color! 

Photo Credit: Andy Cox

This next one is probably my favorite so far! As you probably know Andy and I were both sick all last week. What you may not know is that I had 4 meetings during that week! Which meant attempting to make my makeup look nice with puffy sick eyes. Insert e.l.f Eye Refresh. This stuff is AH-mazing, it's a rollerball that cools and refreshes your eyes. You just roll this over your eyes in the morning and the miracle begins, it's drys super quick so it doesn't interfere with the rest of your makeup! I really was not convinced this would work when I bought it, but it was only $3 so I figured "what the heck" and I am so happy I did. This stuff worked wonders while I was sick!

Photo Credit: Andy Cox

Alright! Next up on the list is this e.l.f Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer in sheer. This is another one of my favorites from this shopping trip! I love it a lot! I have a lot of problems with my eye  shadow clumping and turning into little lines on my lids. This stuff prevents that from happening so quickly! For $2 and how quick it is to add to a routine, I would say this is a must add to any makeup collection. Your eye shadow will stay longer and it helps the colors show up a bit more on the lid!
My one tid-bit of advice on this product, is make sure you allow it to dry before putting your eye shadow on! One may assume this would be common sense but, you never know...I've mentioned before this is a judgement free zone right?

Photo Credit: Andy Cox

Alright, next up we have this e.l.f Powder Brush. This was my first e.l.f brush I  have ever purchased, this type of powder brush was the missing link in my growing collection! So I was so happy to find this for only $3! Obviously the price is a serious pro and it is most likely the best brush you are going to find for this price...however, it's not my favorite. Everyone raves about these brushes so I was super excited about it but, I really am just not a huge fan. Bristles started coming out just with the first wash and you can't see in this photo but, not all the bristles were even. I think for just a few dollars more per brush,  Real Techniques is a really huge improvement in quality. 

Photo Credit: Andy Cox
Okay we're half way there! I don't have too much to say about this e.l.f Expert Liquid Liner, as I only have used it twice in my oh-so-glorious attempts at winged eyeliner (something I have not yet to master, I am happy no one else has seen my 2 am makeup lessons)! Anyway, it's a winner on price alone, it's only $2. However, the brush it super nice, it stays on a long time and I am overall impressed. 

Photo Credit: Andy Cox
Since this is already too long, I am only going to touch on this next product, you can read more about it in My Lip Routine post. It has been a few weeks since I have picked up all of these products and this e.l.f Lip Exfoliator easily became another staple in my makeup routine. This stuff is seriously amazing. 

Photo Credit: Andy Cox
Woo last one! Yet another one of my favorites from this trip is the e.l.f High Definition Powder. I was just using a light mineral powder to set my liquid foundation, until I purchased this. Yet another staple, this helps set your foundation for all day wear and smooths over any outstanding imperfections after you put on your makeup. 

Photo Credit: Andy Cox

That's all folks!

Thanks if you've stuck around through this whole thing! It has been a blast expanding my makeup collection and knowledge! A huge thank you to everyone who reads this and is allowing this blog to become a big part of my life and work!

Love you all! 

Friday Faves: Podcast Edition

by 12:00 AM
Alright, grab some coffee and take a seat because this will probably be a long one. When I am working my phone is normally playing 1 of 2 things, Netflix or Podcasts. I love podcasts, there are days I listen to them all day long. So I wanted to share with you a list of my absolute favorites. I was thinking of narrowing these down to a top 5 but, I am not sure it's possible, I just like too many things.These are not necessarily in order from favorite to least favorite, just a list of my collective favorites.

So here it goes:

The Liturgists Podcast:
 First off thank you to Josh for suggesting this podcast to me when I was searching for some new material to listen to. This is what I have been listening to most recently. I'll once again have to agree with Josh that it is one of the most honest conversations of Christianity. For someone who sometimes struggles with The Bible and Christianity and how it fits together with Science, this is such an amazing podcast for me.  I have only listened to a few episodes (since there are only like 12 episodes, I just started from the beginning) so far but, I am seriously enjoying it. 


The Nerdist Podcast
Okay so we're taking a real sharp turn the other direction here. So basically I think this is one of the most fantastic podcasts out there. It's also different from any other one I listen to, while most of the podcasts I listen to are mostly story based or education, here it is "interview" style while they all sit and nerd out about things. The hosts are hysterical, they choose amazing guests, and have great conversations with them. The main host is Chris Hardwick, who had sort of evolved into King of the Nerds (I think                                                       he said once he hates this title but, it's just kinda true). I would                                                           not suggest this podcast for everyone, as it does have some                                                             inappropriate language but, it is probably one of my absolute                                                           favorites and will most definitely make you laugh. This is my and                                                       Andy's go to road-trip podcast.

Stuff you Should Know:

Stuff you Should Know Podcast
This might be my all time favorite podcast, it was definitely the first one I started listening to. I basically like all the things from the How Stuff Works team but this is my favorite.  The hosts Chuck and Josh, cover a wide variety of topics from How Ebola works to How Toothbrushes Work. They dive into the history of each topic they cover, add in some humor, and create 30-40 minutes of awesome. This is another one that is one of my and Andy's go to podcasts. 

This American Life
This American Life Podcast
I'm really not even sure how to talk about This American Life, the podcast its self is probably one you've already heard of and  Ira Glass is practically a legend in the radio world. However, it is one of my favorites so I am going to sit here and gush about it anyways. I think the way they tell stories on this show is incredible. 


Intelligence Squared 
NPR Intelligence Squared Debates Not everyone will enjoy listening to 1-2 hour debates on a variety of hot button issues but, this is one of my favorite things to listen to. I really value knowledge and having an understanding on where each side is coming from and using facts from both sides of the argument to draw an educated conclusion on a subject. This totally gives me the ability to do that, they take well educated authorities on each side of a subject and have well crafted debates. I have learned a lot from listening to this and have even had it change my opinion in a few cases. I would sincerely encourage every one to listen to this one. 

Planet Money
NPR Planet MoneyI got hooked on this podcast back in 2013 when they did a project following how a t-shirt was made from cotton to completely produced. They went into this incredible break down of the whole process, I found it super interesting and have been listening since. You can see the specific story I'm talking about here. This podcast basically delves into all things Economy, from how a t-shirt is made to the college debt problems. If you want to stay updated on what's going on in the economy in a fun way, I would suggest this podcast. 

Radio Lab

Radiolab public radio international
Again, this podcast was suggested by Josh (thanks again). This is probably one of the most interesting to listen to. I'm having a really hard time describing this one to you.  So I'm going to steal this from Wikipedia "Hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, the show focuses on topics of a scientific and philosophical nature. The show attempts to approach broad, difficult topics such as "time" and "morality" in an accessible and light-hearted manner and with a distinctive                                                           audio production style." You really need to just go listen to it.

Okay  if you've held on this long, the runners-up include, Stuff Mom Never Told You, Criminal, Serial, Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me, Comedy Bang-Bang, Science Friday, Memory Palace, Car Talk, 99% Invisible, and TED Radio Hour. There's so many more I listen to but this is already wayyy to long and now that I have listed all these I now want to do this list over. So I'll end here.

If you have any podcast suggestions for me be sure to leave a comment here, on Facebook, or @ reply me on Twitter(@Maybe_Heather)!

Love you all!

What's-Up Wednesday: We're Alive...Still A Little Stuffy But Alive!

by 12:00 AM

It has been about a week since I have posted, if you don't know, Andy and I both caught a nasty cold and were sick this whole last week. However, today I seem to be able to breathe out of at least one nostril, I have uncovered what seems to be a bedroom by removing the layer of tissues that were covering everything, I have disinfected the house, and for the first time in days I have something other than sweatpants on (lets be real, when you work from home, that's an accomplishment even when you're not sick). I'm thinking all these signs point to us being on the mend!  
Needless to say, there hasn't been much new and exciting going on in our lives the last few days, except a lot of laying in bed and playing Borderlands 2.

This year Andy and I decided we were going to have plans to not have plans. We have been working so much lately, that we thought it would be nice to have a day with just the 2 of us. This ended up working out well because we were sick and wouldn't have gone anywhere even if this wasn't the plan! At least this way we still had everything in the house to have an Easter Dinner!
Being sick did not stop me from making a seriously delicious dinner! I love to cook and it was so nice to have some time to actually cook, not running around at 8pm trying to figure out what we are going to have for dinner. I got to make some appetizers, ham, and all the fixings! I had such great plans to take pictures to share with you all our little holiday but, I'm pretty sure you don't want to see what we looked like all sick! I did snap one pic of the food, well some of the food, we ate a lot!

I will definitely be posting the recipe for these mussels once I have refined it a bit, they were so dang good.

Even though neither of us felt very well, we had a very nice and relaxing day hanging out\! I think it was the first day off that we didn't do anything work related in a long time! 

Well, I think that is all new for this week! I will be back on track with regular posts this week! 

Love you all!

Am I a Hipster Now?

by 12:00 AM
I have never felt more like a Hipster in my life, I am currently sitting in a coffee shop, listening to NPR, drinking cold brew coffee....writing a blog post! Who am I?

I am not really sure of what the whole point of this post is other to sit here on my laptop and type to look like I'm doing something! Today is my "get the heck out of the house day", this is the first of hopefully many. There are many, many perks of working from home however, there are a few drawbacks, it can be difficult to concentrate at times because there are so many distractions, it can get a bit lonely not seeing people, it can be a bit hard to motivate yourself to work when there is the option to cuddle up in all your blankets and binge watch Netflix, and when you share only 1 car with your never leave the house! So, for my mental health, Andy and I decided 1 day a week he would drop me of in Glens Falls for the day so I can sit in a coffee shop and look like the freaking coolest hipster ever. Also it's just to break up the monotony of sitting at home all the time, it's only been like 30 minutes but, so far I like it. I am really hoping this will help my productivity levels during the last few days of the week, because seriously by Friday (by Friday I really mean Monday afternoon) the motivation level is gone.

I'm sure you would all find it hysterical that I'm trying real hard to get some cool selfies because there is a really great giant mirror in the room I am sitting in, however, people keep coming in here! Dang it guys!
This is the only one I was able to snap...and it's not even that great.

Well that's all this Wednesday folks! See you Friday :)

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