Friday Fave: Veronica Mars

Okay, yes I get that this show is like 9 years old (okay I just Googled's 11 years old, oh wow). However, I have been re-watching it lately, in fact I am currently watching an episode as I type this and I just needed to talk about how much I love this show. I obviously need to start off by mentioning just how amazing Kristen Bell is, I am pretty sure she is my spirit animal, here is a video of her crying at sloths...for proof.

This wasn't always a thing, it used to take a lot to make me cry, now it's like if I even think of something slightly happy or sad I ball my eyes out. You can ask any attendee at Hannah's wedding for proof...technically I think the Matron of Honor is supposed to hold it together for the bride, that totally didn't happen. Dang you guys I'm crying all over again. Shoot.

Anyways, now that I have, like always, gone on a completely pointless ramble. Let's get back to the topic of this blog. Veronica Mars is up there in my favorite shows list, it's just so well done, the stories are great, the characters are great and it's just all around enjoyable to watch. Now as with all amazing shows it was indeed canceled way to early. However, there are 3 great seasons available on Amazon Prime Instant Video and now a movie. A movie that was funded by a record breaking Kickstarter campaign that could revolutionize fan funded if only we could do more of this for things like could dream.
I also loved the movie, a lot. It was a bit different than what I was originally expecting but, it was still amazing...and again Kristen Bell is in it so how can you really go wrong?

I almost totally forgot! After the movie Rob Thomas started writing Veronica Mars books! 1. Veronica Mars:The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line 2. Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and Tell I am about half way through the first one and I am thoroughly enjoying it so far! It really continued the story line well and we get to see the return of some old characters we did not see in the movie!

Alright well I'm off to marathon some more Veronica Mars and by the looks of this photo start training to be a PI myself!

Peace out Marshmallows!

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