We moved!! And all the other things!

Phew! What a crazy last few weeks! I am currently having a super lovely, Friday! I have my office set up at Argyle Cheese Farmer! There are some serious perks of being able to work wherever the heck you want and coming here is one of them! Not only do I get delicious Greek yogurt but, Marge and Andy made everyone grilled cheese sandwiches (yes with cheese curds)! 

Yes I have a lot of perks by working at home! However, it's really, really nice to get out of the house once in awhile! So Andy has a "Bring Heather To Work Day"! I think it helps my week be a bit more productive as a whole if I get to work somewhere else for a day

So there have been a few extra fun things that have happened over the last few weeks! We got to take some great pics, for our nieces 1st birthday, cake smash and all. Most of you have probably seen these on various social outlets but, if you've missed them, here are a few! Although I am not sure if this type of photography is something we will offer outside of just our family, I am really happy how these came out, I really think Andy and I made a great photog team! We were able to get a really great variety of shots and it's extra fun to see the shots we each get!

(photo cred: Andrew Cox)

(Photo Cred: Andrew Cox)

(Photo Cred: Andrew Cox)

Also we've moved!!
Not very far, in fact only about 1 block up the road! But, it is a really cute apartment that really fit exactly what Andy and I needed! It's been bittersweet, I absolutely love having our whole own space and our apartment is adorable. However, we definitely miss Drew and Sarah, we all lived together about 2 1/2 years, you get really used to having people around the house all the time, there have definitely been a few times I have gone to tell Sarah a story to realize she lives in another house now haha! You should see the 30 page texts she has gotten in the last week when I need to share a story!
Anyways, here's some pics of the new place(I will have more sometime soon! But, I needed to get this up and haven't had time to get some really nice ones yet!).

Alright well, that's it for now! Thanks for reading as always!!

Love you all,

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