Life Update!

So I'm sitting here while Sarah is making "Padsicles", no you probably don't want to know what those are, but if you I only mention these because she told me I should like 6 times and the look on Andy's face when he found out what they were was pretty great, as entertainment I think you all should click the link and @reply me your face on Twitter or Instagram. Also I cannot argue with the fact that it is pretty entertaining blog material. Anyways, I was wondering out loud what the heck I have done with my life recently that would warrant a blog post and what the heck I should write about....don't worry padsicles did not make the cut.

My first thought is that nothing has really happened I've worked, worked some more, and then worked more on top of that, then I realized that's not actually quite the truth, I've had so much going on, it's been really hard to keep it all straight. So sit down and get comfy because I think this will be a long one.

So let's head back to February, I know we're, all looking towards Spring, but really it's not too far back! My dear friend Abbey, came to visit me for almost 2 weeks! It's always so lovely to see her. I love that we can lay in my bed, eat chips (both the potato and chocolate variety), and watch Netflix all day together and no one will pass judgement. I mean you may be judging us now but, really you're probably just jealous.


It was lovely to just have her here, we had a few adventures, but mainly we just hung out in my house this is what we are best at, she edited photos and painted, I worked.

Working from home full time I sometimes forget how nice it is to just have someone working with you, just someone to speak your thoughts out loud too with out looking like a crazy person talking to an empty room.

On a super random note, my new found makeup addiction has grown immensely! Like seriously look at this photo!

 I've been such a tom-boy my whole life, while I still would probably pick video games over makeup, it has been really fun to get a bit more girly!

There have been a lot of goodbyes to say the passed few weeks, Hannah headed to California, Abbey went back to Tennessee and last weekend we helped my parents pack their moving truck so they could head south!
That was a bittersweet day, I am so excited for them and there new adventure but, I definitely am going to miss them only being an hour away. I am super jealous of their 80 degree weather! Hopefully we will be down there soon enough ;) Also I'm really enjoying the pictures of the sopping wet dogs falling in the pool!
I am excited for everyone else's moves but it definitely has my wanderlust kicked in high gear,
I am really looking forward to what the rest of this year has in store for Andy and I. The business has been keeping us super busy, but I am really hoping we can get away and go visit all our family that is now spread out all over!

Now to go drink 30 more cups of coffee and keep these gears going!


Thanks for reading and love you all!

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