Update: Sparring, Babies, and Shopping

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So first thing you should all know is that I am giving up my afternoon nap to write a blog for you. It's a rainy and cold day that is perfect for napping too! But, I figured I should be a grown up and do something semi-productive. Adulting is hard guys. 

I guess since I left my camera at Christopher's and have no pictures to do a more interesting post we'll go with a "what have you been up to Heather" post. I know you are all really interested in my trips to Target so I'll oblige.

We had another pretty full and exciting weekend

We did actually start out with a pretty great trip to Target, call me crazy but, walking around Target is one of my favorite things to do! Technically we were shopping for my niece's birthday but, I couldn't resist getting myself a few gifts too. No, it's not my birthday, I just might be spoiled haha! Anyways, I picked up what has become my new favorite mug ever. Seriously I have used it every day since I bought it, which you know if you follow me on Instagram because I post a lot of pictures of it.
I also bought some Baby Lips tinted chapsticks, the name and packaging is the worst ever but, they are so freaking awesome. I know I say everything is my favorite, but these are my favorite.

Then Saturday I headed off with Sarah to Travel Well for Local Fest, which is an event put on by The Shirt Factory. I was put on "Thatcher Watching" duty for the day. Obviously I was more than okay with that!  It was super great to get to hang out with Sarah and Thatcher for a whole day, it's been awhile since that has happened. Quick fun story about the ball that Thatcher is playing with in these pics, this was actually a ball we bought for Liam so he would have toys at our apartment and sent it off with Drew and Sarah when we moved out. I am impressed it has lasted this long, I think it was $1 from Target almost 5 years ago! Happy to see it being passed down haha!

The first picture is his "Why the heck are you not rolling me back over Aunty Heather" face

I did get to wander around local fest, where I made my routine Shirt Factory stops to AdirondackAromatherapy andSensibiliTeas. I of course  had to buy some new tea for my fancy new mug! I do not remember the name of the Renaissance re-enacting team that was there, I thought I grabbed a picture of the sign so I could remember, but I apparently forgot that too!  Anyways they were doing fire breathing and had a sparring ring set up! So that was pretty entertaining to sit and watch for bit! 

Also on Saturday (we had a pretty full Saturday) we celebrated our neice McKenzie's 5th birthday! It was a really great time that you get to see no pictures of because I left my camera at Christopher's house that evening! But, we did have smores and I almost had my eye poked out by a 5 year old with a marshmallow stick! I know it's hard to believe this really happened with no picture evidence so I'll move on. 

Sunday the most fabulous thing happened, that has not happened it so long. We did nothing. We slept in, took naps, watched movies, and played video games. It was the most glorious day that has happened in awhile. It has been so long since we have had a day with 0 plans.
We did have to get up that evening to send off Seth and Rochelle who head back to Papua New Guinea tomorrow!! But, that was a welcome addition to our relaxing day! A request to you all that you pray for them, especially over the next few days flying basically 30 hours non stop...with 3 boys under 5! I know they would really appreciate it!

I almost forgot! We made new shirt designs! This was actually more like 2 weeks ago but, since this blog is already way to long I am just going to add it in! Shout out to my Supernatural and Doctor Who fans! I did the Supernatural shirt and Andy made the 8 bit TARDIS. I am really excited about these! They might be my 2 favorite shirts we have in the shop :)

These are for sale in our spread shirt store, you can click the shirts or you can click the link in the sidebar! 

That's really it. our weekdays have been filled with boring things like work and doctors appointments! So i won't bore you with any of that! We're prepping to have another full weekend so I am sure I'll have more interesting stories to tell! I do have some more makeup monday's and recipe posts lined up!
I ALSO HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN ABOUT BOOK CLUB! Well I've sort of forgotten. but, I am working on the books and posts stick with me :)

Okay, sorry to have written you all a novel but, we've apparently been up to a lot!
Love you all!

Life, Things, and Weekend Adventures!

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It has been a crazy last few weeks between our business hitting the "busy season", family events, and Cheese Tour, it doesn't seem possible that September is almost over and Fall is in full swing!
We did finally get a free weekend, which was exciting! Although, now that I sit down to write about it I can't remember a single thing we did (as per usual haha)!
Saturday Andy headed with Drew to do some shopping for Drew and Sarah's Yurt (how freaking exciting that they'll be able to get it up soon! :) ) I stayed home and got some serious cleaning done. I know that sounds super boring but, I am one of those freaks who really enjoys cleaning or I should say I really enjoy being done cleaning and the whole apartment being all shiny. So, when I get a whole day to just clean the house, it is one of my favorite feelings. (Yeah, I know I'm weird). 

I almost forgot to mention the most exciting part about Saturday! The Doctor Who Marathon and new season premier! I was so impressed by the premier episode. In my opinion, it has to be one of the best episodes Moffat has written in a long time. I won't get into my thoughts too much because spoilers, I know some of you haven't watched it. (I am looking directly at you Jillian....with my judging face)

Between Andy and Drew's trip and us starting a project on Sunday, we made 3 trips to Lowe's in one weekend! I felt like such a real adult! Well that was until I found some signs that has been rearranged and laughed like a child...I know real mature Heather! 

Anyways, since we have the office set up where a normal table would be in our apartment we've just had our table awkwardly placed between the office area and the kitchen. It wasn't functional at all, we barely even used it. So Andy decided we should put up a bar table! So that was our project on Sunday! We (and by we I mean Andy, although I did hold the level a few times) built this L shaped bar. We still need to add one piece of trim on the side then, next thing is to get some red metal stools that match the brackets! We are really loving getting settled into our new place!


We really had a full day on Sunday, we took full advantage of the fall weather, made some chili and took a walk up the Tow Path Trail. We had a very enjoyable photograph adventure! I love that Andy has really gotten into photography, it is something that we can really enjoy together. Also, to brag about him a little, he has really grown into a fantastic photographer. The last year he has watched just about every photography tutorial on YouTube, as a photographer and his wife it has been really cool to watch him grow and really develop a passion for it. (Hah, develop, that was a totally unintentional corny joke but, I am leaving it)

 (Photo Cred: Andy Cox)

As my dad would say...what a goofball.

Well that's all for now! I hope you guys are fabulous!

Love you all,

Makeup Tuesday :: How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

by 7:55 AM
Cleaning makeup brushes

So, most likely you wash your face at least once a day as a part of your good skin care routine. But, are you washing your makeup brushes as a part of that routine as well? Let's think about it, makeup brushes get kind of gross. Not only are we caking them in makeup everyday, we're swirling them around on our face and they're picking up all of those oils and dirt! Then depending on where you store them they could be picking up more dirt and dust just sitting there. If you're not cleaning them, every time you put makeup you're just putting all that dirt back onto your face!  Dirty makeup brushes can lead to acne, allergy breakouts, and they can carry germs like no other. Ever wonder why your face is breaking out despite the fact you wash it everyday, dirty brushes could be the culprit!
So what is the best way to keep those things clean?

Luckily, cleaning your brushes is super simple and can be done in about 5 minutes!

Clarifying shampoo to clean makeup brushes

You will need a cup, some warm water, and most importantly a clarifying shampoo.

 *Clarifying shampoo is the best thing to clean your brushes with, it's inexpensive and will remove      all the dirt and oils as this is what it is designed for. What ever you do, ignore all suggestions to use a baby oil or other oil. It is difficult to clean all the way out and can make your face issues worse! 

1. Take your clarifying shampoo and add it to some warm water in your cup. You don't need a lot, just enough to make the water sudsy.
Clarifying shampoo to clean brushes

2. Take your brush and swirl it around in the soapy water,
How to clean makeup brushes

 3. Take the bristles and massage them in your fingers until the shampoo starts to make suds. For your bigger stippling and blush brushes you may need to add a small dab of the shampoo right to the brush to get the middle thoroughly clean.

4. Run the brush (bristles down) under warm water until the water runs clean and all the soap is out. It is important that you face the brush down as to not put too much wear on the glue that holds the bristles in place.
Real techniques makeup brushes

5. (Switch to your cellphone camera because your camera battery died) Place your brushes bristles down on a mat or towel. It is important to prop them up on using a cup so no water settles where the glue is.

I usually do this at night and let them dry until morning. Not only will regularly cleaning your brushes keep your face cleaner, your makeup will apply better! So it's a win-win! Once, clean it is best to store your brushes in some sort of bag to keep them from accruing dust in between cleanings. 

Well that's all everyone! Love you all! 

August....Or September Book Club: The Septembers of Shiraz

by 6:18 AM
My life has been a little crazy lately, hence the continued hiatus from blogging. But, it seems I am at least starting to get my energy back after being sick (although my issues continue to be off and on) I at least seem to be back in a routine. Which will hopefully continue to include blogging.

Anyways, enough with the typical "sorry I haven't blogged in while" statements. What I came here to tell you is, it happened, I finished a book on my book club list! The project that was supposed to end a week ago has finally started!

As you know from a previous post, I started with The Septembers of Shiraz. It turns out for once in my life my extreme procrastination skills paid of.  They just so happen to be releasing the film adaptation of this book on September 15th at the Toronto Film Festival. So win for me being actually relevant!
I for one loved this book, historical fiction is my, hands down, favorite genre to read. My grandma and I just had the conversation over this last weekend that I got my love of historical fiction from her. I wouldn't doubt it, I have fond memories sitting at her house after school during 7th and 8th grade devouring any historical fiction book she had on her shelf.  So, it is expected I would be fond of this book, but beyond my predisposition to love anything historical fiction, this book was great.

So let's talk details.
As you know from my debut book club post. The Septembers of Shiraz was written by Dalia Sofer and centers around a wealthy Jewish family living in Iran during the Iranian Revolution. The plot follows the four members of the Amin family during the revolution.  The book immediately starts out with the patriarch of the family Isaac getting taken to prison, the story unfolds as we see how this effects not only Isaac but, the rest of the family. With a captivating subject, it is hard to not get lost in this book. It definitely led to me researching more on the Iranian revolution and learning more about what happened. I highly suggest checking out this link that is pictures of Iran before the revolution.

We get to see how the new Iranian laws really effect this family, not only with the Isaac being taken to prison but, the social implications that effect the mother and daughter.

I don't want to go too much into the book, to avoid any spoilers for the book or for the upcoming movie. I do highly suggest you read it for yourself.
Personally, my favorite part was just how the story was told. from the anger and desperation father sitting in prison just because of his heritage, to the innocence of a 9 year old girl trying to make sense of an absent father and oppressive government to the mother/wife who is trying to hold everything together and the son, far off in America at school trying to make it as family funds dry up. You will go on an amazing journey with this family throughout this book!
The only thing I didn't love about this book was the ending, I felt as though it was a little underwhelming. Not to say it was bad, it just felt safe. I think she really could have pushed the story just a bit further with the ending.

I know some of you read this so I want to know what you thought and what your favorite parts were?

Thanks for reading! Love you all! :)

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