What's-up Wednesdays: Travel Plans

Yes I needed one more title that had alliteration, judge away.

Anyways, lets get to it! I really wanted to talk about all the traveling plans Andy and I have. Now I'm not writing this post because I am 100% certain any of these things are going to happen, or even if this will all be one route, or really anything about this/these potential trip(s) because that's ultimately up to God not us. We have a few goals when it comes to traveling 1. Buy a sailboat and sail "around" the world (this would probably be 2 trips). 2. Buy an RV and do an amazing cross country road trip! Due to the logistics of world traveling, we figured we would satisfy our wanderlust first by the second option. So here is the beginnings of our planning:

Photo Cred: Andy Cox
This is a photo of the route we want to travel! It's not necessarily a route yet, it really just future destinations, as a route is proving difficult to plan, there are so many places we want to go!

So I don't know if you know this about me but, I have moved every 2 years since I was 11. I love to move. I get to know people from all over and see different places. Now as of the end of April, it will officially end that rule as I will have lived in Fort Ann officially over 2 years. I find it super weird that of all the places I have lived, this is where I have settled the longest so far, odd. Anyways all the "settling down" has kicked my wanderlust into super high gear. So we have started planning "Heather and Andy's Epic Road trip of Enter Year Here". So from now until it happens I am just going to start planning like it will. We made our first official road trip affiliated purchase with the map featured above and some sweet map pins! No I don't have a color coding system for the pins yet...but I will soon (and yes in case you're wondering I am a giant nerd), also I already ran out of pins! Anyways, this so far is a very long late night ramble all to say it's been fun planning this someday adventure with Andy and I'm excited for this to happen someday.

So if you have suggestions on where we need to go, make sure you leave me a comment!

Love you all!

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