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Recently I have been writing down my life, going through old journals rereading and rewriting stories from my life. As I was doing this I stumbled upon an entry from 10/19/2007, this was my first journal entry that ever mentioned Andy. Although we weren't dating yet, I think by this point in our friendship we both knew it was going to be happening, we did start dating less then a month later. So I've decided to share the  moment when we met and all the times we did not. It was a reminder to me today of how God has a perfect timing for things beyond what we even realize.
I distinctly remember the first time I ever met 
Andy, I was about to sit down at a computer in my brand new school my Junior year of high school, when this boy 2 seats down stood up and told me I couldn't sit there. You probably read this with the knowledge that Andy has one of the most sarcastic senses of humor. Having no knowledge of this sense of humor I am pretty sure I looked as though I was going to cry, because he immediately retracted his statement and awkwardly sat down. Not the most smooth introduction. He says he spent the next few weeks trying to convince a mutual classmate that they should switch seats so Andy could sit 

next to me. The day he finally did we instantly bonded over the August Burns Red that was playing 
through my computer speakers. It wasn't until a few weeks into our friendship that we realized we could have met 3 times before we officially met. The first of these occasions was summer of 2004 I was visiting my Uncle and it just so happened we worked the same Veggie Races at The Washington County Fair. Andy swears he remembers me, however, I only remember meeting his brother Timmy...oops. My opinion is that Andy didn't remember it was me until after I told him I was there, it makes me feel better at least. In 2005 we went to the same Kutless concert. It may not have been super probable that we were going to ever meet that night, but still discovering that later was interesting. It was also probably good we didn't meet then because I went to that concert with another boy. The final time was 1 month before I actually met Andy, I was yet again working the same Veggie Races at the fair, the one where we supposedly met each other 3 years earlier, when I met Andy’s friend. I was going to be transferring into a new school so I decided to introduce myself to anyone that looked remotely my age. I introduced myself to Georgianna she told me she had one friend who was going to also be a Junior that fall. She said they would be back later that evening and I should come back to hang out with her and her friends. For some reason I couldn't go back and they ,apparently, looked around for me for awhile. It is probably a good thing Andy didn't realize I was the girl who ditched them until weeks into knowing me.

When I think of this I almost picture God up in Heaven giggling "Hey Jesus, come look at this, her future Husband is right there." Jesus would obviously respond sarcastically, "This again, seriously Dad You need new hobbies"
Okay that probably didn't happen but God did intend for me to meet Andy. Knowing the spiritual growth I went through before I met Andy, I know God was preparing me to meet him. God knew I was going to need Andy and his family in my life to get through the years that were to come after we first met. He knew the perfect time for us to meet, which is a good reminder to me that Gods timing for things is perfect.
I’ll end this little story with a quote from my 15 year old self “ I think that God wanted me to meet him in such a way where he would know I was a Christian. It’s so nice having a Christian friend. I love it”
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