I'm a Real Girl Now?!?!

Okay guys, it's official, I'm a real girl. One who uses makeup and stuff.
So back story time I have never been super into makeup, however lately for work I have had to watch a lot of beauty YouTuber's and I decided to branch into the world of girldom.

I decided I would go on an Amazon adventure and see what makeup things I could get for relatively inexpensive that still had good quality and good reviews.

We'll work from the bottom up. This e.l.f. Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer is probably my 2nd favorite purchase...I'm actually not really sure how to rank them yet.
Anyways, I have never used a makeup primer before and now I don't think I can ever go without it, yes I've only used it once! It does amazing things to your skin. It's this clear gel like lotion you lather all over your face and it both moisturizes and decreases oil, I'm not entirely sure how this magical formula works but, it's amazing stuff. I do know it helps you use less makeup and helps your make up stay on all day! 

 I have wanted a concealer pallet for awhile but I could not find one that included the pink and green  for under $25 until I was watching a video featuring this beauty! Now if you're like me who had no idea there even was more than 1 color of concealer you should use, here is the perk. The green and pink especially help cancel other colors out on your face. Have a red spot? Use the green. Have green puffy dark circles? Use the pink. The rest of the colors you can use to highlight and contour your face but, I'm not cool enough to handle that yet.

I am a super beginner when it comes to concealer other than just a generic shade so I'll only be able to talk about this a little. However, the first thing I noticed was how nice the consistency of the makeup was, it is very creamy and very easy to blend and spread.

Now for the scariest part of my adventure, liquid foundation. Again, I ventured into brand new territory, I was honestly a bit nervous to use liquid foundation. Years from now I will definitely look back and laugh hysterically at this. Anyways, I have only ever used powder foundation however, the one I purchased most recently I really disliked and for my odd combination skin, I knew liquid really was better.
So I went with L'Oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Makeup in light ivory.
I really, really enjoy this foundation. Part of why I was a little terrified is I didn't want it to feel like I was wearing buckets of makeup and this does not at all! It still feels super light but the coverage is amazing! Especially for the price, I think this was $5 and some change on Amazon? 

Okay here is what I am maybe the most excited about, this Real Techniques Travel Essentials Set

I love them. Currently I have a set of Eco-tools brushes, and while those are still pretty good quality for inexpensive, for only a few dollars more these are a huge step up in quality. They are so soft and this set worked really, really well for the liquid foundation, they didn't leave any lines and I was able to get really great coverage! 

Over all I am super happy with my finds! I am super excited to learn about and play with all of this some more! Now I am going to go play video games so I can balance my life back out!

Love you all!

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