I've Been A Terrible Blogger!


Remember how last week (or well 2 weeks ago) I had the grand plan of reading and reviewing 1 book in August?! Obviously those plans are going swell. There are a few factors that have contributed to the failure of this plan. The first book I picked was terrible, I am about halfway through but it's just not that good. Sorry, if you're reading this thinking you really loved.
On top of the book being just  bad, we had company over the weekend, although to be honest that didn't really take too much effort.

He and Andy basically just sat and watched YouTube videos. As per usual, I sniped some pictures to send Jillian so we could make jokes about their man love.

The biggest contributing factor is I have been pretty sick since about last Tuesday....you would think that has meant lots of time for book reading but, with me just about having enough energy to work the last week reading hasn't really happened. Have a picture summarizing how I have managing to work the last week.

Blankets and Disney movies are always the answer! At least I'm sitting at my desk right?! Today not so much...

 Here is the new plan  I am moving onto the second book, I already started it, it's fabulous, go find it and read it. As a reminder this one is The Septembers of Shiraz.  You can view the whole list for August Book Club here. I will review the first one in September after I have finished the rest. I am determined to finish the book (even though it's awful) because maybe there is some hope it gets better? And I hate not finishing things.

So I guess this was really just a bit of an update. Hopefully I will not be sick soon, partly so I can work and read books but, mostly because VBS is next week and that is typically one of my favorite times of the year! :)

Love you all!
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