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Boderlands pre-sequel review

Alright so if you've kept up with this blog at all over the last year you'll already know that I love Borderlands 2 (thanks Jillian). So I was dang excited to pick up The Pre-Sequel a few weeks ago as a part of Steam Summer Sale. Life has been so crazy with moving and work that I haven't even started playing but, I finally got to playing it the other day!
I was really wanting to record my first play through but, do to some technical difficulties that's not happening. So you're going to just have to read my ramblings instead of listen!

Long story short if you love Borderlands 2, you're going to at least really like Borderlands Pre-Sequel, so far I feel like they are pretty much the same game which makes me love and hate it. Now it is a new story, we get new characters with new abilities and such but, for me it feels like a DLC not a brand new game.
Part of me is disappointed because I don't feel like it's very innovative. Gearbox was basically like "Oh you all really like that thing" here's more of it relabeled as a new game, like I said before, it feels like a DLC.
On the other hand this is what I love about it, they didn't go overboard trying to be innovative, they gave us more of exactly what we wanted, repacked with a new story and great new with more of the fantastic writing and humor we loved from Borderlands 2.
Also in the games defense, I have been told you need to get further into the game to really appreciate the differences. So, maybe I will have an update to this post next week once I have played it some more!

So let's get into the story a bit, this time, you're playing alongside, of instead if against, Handsome Jack and Hyperion. Honestly, being only a bit into the game, you almost like him in this story, I am sure that will eventually change. I chose to play with Nisha (a.k.a the Sheriff of Lynchwood in Borderlands 2).

I like her as a Character, her action skill is called Showdown, when activated she automatically locks onto enemies and gains increased gun damage, fire rate, reload speed, accuracy, and bullet speed. You can view her (and anyone else's) full skill tree here,
Her melee is a whip, making her able to use it from farther away but, it doesn't do as much damage as others. Also it was a bit annoying to get used to.

In this game you're not playing on Pandora (as in Borderlands 2) you are playing on Pandora's moon, Elpis. Here is where the game breaks off from Borderlands 2. This moon doesn't have Oxygen or much gravity so the movement is different (I love the new double jump feature) and you now have to use "Oz Kits" in order to breathe. These do not last forever, you must be diligent in refilling them when out exploring, there are a variety of ways to do this! Enemies now drop "O2 cannisters" and there are cracks along the surface of the moon that let out o2. The "Oz Kit" is also what enables the awesome new double jump feature, which allows you to cross wide caverns or gain access to high buildings unlike anything in Borderlands 2. These "Oz Kits" are upgradable just like your shields and weapons, you can purchase longer lasting ones at Vending Machines.
The low gravity really does change up the combat quite a bit. Enemies also have a double jump function allowing them to lunge at you from far away, making it a whole new level of intense and exciting. You now get to battle enemies while flying through the air!

All in all this is another great installment in the Borderlands saga, it's everything we loved from Borderlands 2 with a few new added perks! I am throughly enjoying my play through and don't think I'll have much to add to these first thoughts once I am done with the game!

If any of you own this or Borderlands 2 I do play online frequently, add me (DaisyJane) on Steam!

Thanks for reading as always :)

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