Traveling Tuesdays :: The Adventure Begins!

Well! The journey begins! As you know if you've kept up with this blog, Andy and I have really wanted to have some sort of epic trip adventure, you can see this post, from almost a year ago where I talk about our plans for a road trip adventure.
I'm beyond thankful for this whole thing. We've been building our business to allow ourselves freedom to work for ourselves where ever we want for over 2 years now! With Andy joining the business full time in January we're ready to head out on our first adventure together!  It will follow a route similar to the trip I took back in November only this time I get to bring my husband, which I am pretty stoked about! I am not sure I can even put into words how excited I am or how blessed I feel that this trip is actually happening. We've literally been talking about it for years! It seems perfect that our 5 year anniversary falls right in the middle of our trip, we spent our honeymoon on an epic road trip out to Colorado and it feels fitting to be celebrating this milestone the same way!

We'll spend the first 2 weeks hanging out in KY! While there we're staying with Andy's sister Jillian and her 3 boys!
Some things we're going to be seeing and you'll be able to look for in future posts:
Abbey of Gethsemeni  I missed this on my last trip and I am beyond excited to stop by. I am fully immersed in No Man Is an Island by Thomas Merton right now and he joined this community in 1941. I am actually happy I missed it last time, I feel like I will have a whole different appreciation this time around.
The Red Yeti: I got to go here the last time I visited Kentucky, seriously if you are ever near Louisville, KY or Jeffersonville, IN stop what you're doing and go order their Parmesan Truffle Oil Fries. They are to die for.  
I mean seriously look at those things!

We of course can't miss hitting one of the distilleries. We haven't settled on which one yet but, I think it would be a crime to not visit at least one (a crime I definitely committed last time I was in KY). I am not 100% sure what else is on the agenda for KY, except spending some serious quality time with our nephews and Jillian. I am beyond pumped to see everyone again.

After KY, we plan to head to Florida to spend 3 weeks there! We have a ton planned while we are there! To start with a few things:
March is peak Manatee season, so we are really looking forward to heading to Homassa Springs for some excellent Manatee watching. Possibly some snorkeling too but we're not 100% on that yet.
We'll be in FL for our 5 year anniversary! We plan to spend that weekend camping on the beach, doing absolutely nothing for a few days :)
Since it will be prime Spring Training Season, we will hopefully be hitting up a spring training game with one of our dearest friends from college.

Here's  bit of a preview from my last trip:

After Florida we're hoping to hit Virginia to see some more of our friends from college and then we're hoping to hit Massachusetts to visit some of Andy's side of the family before coming home.

There is so much more in the works I can't wait to take all of you on this adventure with us!

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Love you all!

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