Update: Sparring, Babies, and Shopping

So first thing you should all know is that I am giving up my afternoon nap to write a blog for you. It's a rainy and cold day that is perfect for napping too! But, I figured I should be a grown up and do something semi-productive. Adulting is hard guys. 

I guess since I left my camera at Christopher's and have no pictures to do a more interesting post we'll go with a "what have you been up to Heather" post. I know you are all really interested in my trips to Target so I'll oblige.

We had another pretty full and exciting weekend

We did actually start out with a pretty great trip to Target, call me crazy but, walking around Target is one of my favorite things to do! Technically we were shopping for my niece's birthday but, I couldn't resist getting myself a few gifts too. No, it's not my birthday, I just might be spoiled haha! Anyways, I picked up what has become my new favorite mug ever. Seriously I have used it every day since I bought it, which you know if you follow me on Instagram because I post a lot of pictures of it.
I also bought some Baby Lips tinted chapsticks, the name and packaging is the worst ever but, they are so freaking awesome. I know I say everything is my favorite, but these are my favorite.

Then Saturday I headed off with Sarah to Travel Well for Local Fest, which is an event put on by The Shirt Factory. I was put on "Thatcher Watching" duty for the day. Obviously I was more than okay with that!  It was super great to get to hang out with Sarah and Thatcher for a whole day, it's been awhile since that has happened. Quick fun story about the ball that Thatcher is playing with in these pics, this was actually a ball we bought for Liam so he would have toys at our apartment and sent it off with Drew and Sarah when we moved out. I am impressed it has lasted this long, I think it was $1 from Target almost 5 years ago! Happy to see it being passed down haha!

The first picture is his "Why the heck are you not rolling me back over Aunty Heather" face

I did get to wander around local fest, where I made my routine Shirt Factory stops to AdirondackAromatherapy andSensibiliTeas. I of course  had to buy some new tea for my fancy new mug! I do not remember the name of the Renaissance re-enacting team that was there, I thought I grabbed a picture of the sign so I could remember, but I apparently forgot that too!  Anyways they were doing fire breathing and had a sparring ring set up! So that was pretty entertaining to sit and watch for bit! 

Also on Saturday (we had a pretty full Saturday) we celebrated our neice McKenzie's 5th birthday! It was a really great time that you get to see no pictures of because I left my camera at Christopher's house that evening! But, we did have smores and I almost had my eye poked out by a 5 year old with a marshmallow stick! I know it's hard to believe this really happened with no picture evidence so I'll move on. 

Sunday the most fabulous thing happened, that has not happened it so long. We did nothing. We slept in, took naps, watched movies, and played video games. It was the most glorious day that has happened in awhile. It has been so long since we have had a day with 0 plans.
We did have to get up that evening to send off Seth and Rochelle who head back to Papua New Guinea tomorrow!! But, that was a welcome addition to our relaxing day! A request to you all that you pray for them, especially over the next few days flying basically 30 hours non stop...with 3 boys under 5! I know they would really appreciate it!

I almost forgot! We made new shirt designs! This was actually more like 2 weeks ago but, since this blog is already way to long I am just going to add it in! Shout out to my Supernatural and Doctor Who fans! I did the Supernatural shirt and Andy made the 8 bit TARDIS. I am really excited about these! They might be my 2 favorite shirts we have in the shop :)

These are for sale in our spread shirt store, you can click the shirts or you can click the link in the sidebar! 

That's really it. our weekdays have been filled with boring things like work and doctors appointments! So i won't bore you with any of that! We're prepping to have another full weekend so I am sure I'll have more interesting stories to tell! I do have some more makeup monday's and recipe posts lined up!
I ALSO HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN ABOUT BOOK CLUB! Well I've sort of forgotten. but, I am working on the books and posts stick with me :)

Okay, sorry to have written you all a novel but, we've apparently been up to a lot!
Love you all!

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