Life, Things, and Weekend Adventures!


It has been a crazy last few weeks between our business hitting the "busy season", family events, and Cheese Tour, it doesn't seem possible that September is almost over and Fall is in full swing!
We did finally get a free weekend, which was exciting! Although, now that I sit down to write about it I can't remember a single thing we did (as per usual haha)!
Saturday Andy headed with Drew to do some shopping for Drew and Sarah's Yurt (how freaking exciting that they'll be able to get it up soon! :) ) I stayed home and got some serious cleaning done. I know that sounds super boring but, I am one of those freaks who really enjoys cleaning or I should say I really enjoy being done cleaning and the whole apartment being all shiny. So, when I get a whole day to just clean the house, it is one of my favorite feelings. (Yeah, I know I'm weird). 

I almost forgot to mention the most exciting part about Saturday! The Doctor Who Marathon and new season premier! I was so impressed by the premier episode. In my opinion, it has to be one of the best episodes Moffat has written in a long time. I won't get into my thoughts too much because spoilers, I know some of you haven't watched it. (I am looking directly at you Jillian....with my judging face)

Between Andy and Drew's trip and us starting a project on Sunday, we made 3 trips to Lowe's in one weekend! I felt like such a real adult! Well that was until I found some signs that has been rearranged and laughed like a child...I know real mature Heather! 

Anyways, since we have the office set up where a normal table would be in our apartment we've just had our table awkwardly placed between the office area and the kitchen. It wasn't functional at all, we barely even used it. So Andy decided we should put up a bar table! So that was our project on Sunday! We (and by we I mean Andy, although I did hold the level a few times) built this L shaped bar. We still need to add one piece of trim on the side then, next thing is to get some red metal stools that match the brackets! We are really loving getting settled into our new place!


We really had a full day on Sunday, we took full advantage of the fall weather, made some chili and took a walk up the Tow Path Trail. We had a very enjoyable photograph adventure! I love that Andy has really gotten into photography, it is something that we can really enjoy together. Also, to brag about him a little, he has really grown into a fantastic photographer. The last year he has watched just about every photography tutorial on YouTube, as a photographer and his wife it has been really cool to watch him grow and really develop a passion for it. (Hah, develop, that was a totally unintentional corny joke but, I am leaving it)

 (Photo Cred: Andy Cox)

As my dad would say...what a goofball.

Well that's all for now! I hope you guys are fabulous!

Love you all,

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