It is being rumored that Steam Summer Sale is starting May 26th, 2015, now it could be that this will just be a Memorial Day Sale and Summer Sale will happen in June or July like normal. Either way, I decided it was about time to review my wishlist and figure out what I was going to be looking for and the best practices, to ensure you get the best deals!

What I am looking forward to!These are not necessarily in any order, just reading from my wishlist.

Borderlands/Borderlands The Prequel
The Borderlands games always go on sale so I am pretty certain picking these up will be no problem. Despite my hatred of playing games out of order, Andy and I purchased Borderlands 2 last year and finally got around to finishing the story this month! I love, love, love, love Borderlands 2 (thank you Jill and Josh ) it has been incredibly fun to play and has a great story! I am looking forward to playing the rest of the series

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

This has been on my wishlist for awhile and I have really regretted not buying this during the Holiday Sale last year, but, I am assuming my wait will pay off with it being cheaper during this summer sale. I have talked about this game a lot on the blog since E3 last summer (see here) so I won't go into too much detail other than I am excited to finally play it and this is definitely on the top of my list!

Mortal Kombat X

Another one I have, yet again, been talking about since E3 last year, I am really, really hoping this goes on sale, as much as I love video games, I  basically wait to play them all until they go on sale, although I almost broke that rule for this game!

LEGO Hobbit, Marvel Super Heros, and Star Wars III

I love all things Lego games, they are just great games to pick up and play when you don't really feel like investing much effort into a game. These are ones I have not yet picked up, typically Lego games go down to around  $5 each during a Flash Sale, so I assume I will be getting at least one of these!

Resident Evil HD Remastered

Some of my first great video game memories were sitting in my friends room playing this game, scaring the crap out of ourselves as zombies tried to eat us! With this being said, I did not even know this was going to be a thing! I really have not kept up with the series beyond what was available for PS1 and PS2. I can not wait to go back and play through it! I am contemplating picking this up this weekend as Capcom games are all on sale this weekend on Steam but, I will probably stick in out and wait in the hopes it will be a bit cheaper!

Assassin's CreedAs you know, I finally got into Assassin's earlier this year, I am looking to pick up at least 3, if not Brotherhood and Blag Flag as well.

Okay in interest of not writing a 10 page blog post, I think will just list off the next few...Project Cars, Dying Light, Kerbal Space Program(seriously looks freaking awesome), another copy of Don't Starve so Andy and I can play together, Witcher 2, Elder Scrolls Online Edition, Invisible, Inc. Dark Souls 2, Far Cry 4(fingers crossed this really goes on sale), and of course GTA:V.


-Add game titles you are on the lookout for to your Wishlist! This way you will get notifications about price changes and when they go on sale!
-Unless it is the last day of the sale, only buy your game if it is a daily deal, flash sale, or community choice! This will ensure you get the games you want at the lowest price! (I know this has been repeated over and over but, for real it's the best advice!)
-Be sure to check competing sites, Amazon, Origin, etc. They have stepped up their game in trying to compete with Steam's dominance over the PC gaming world, during the last Winter Sale we got Battlefield 3 on Origin for $1. Steam is no longer always the cheapest!
-Browse around, don't just look at the front page. Almost every title will be on sale and each game page will tell you if it is a daily deal, flash sale, etc. I have gotten some great games just by searching around.
-VOTE ON COMMUNITY CHOICE GAMES(it's in all caps because anger, rage, and rant) I hate sooo much when people complain about the community choice selection but don't vote. It makes the sale better for everyone if games we actually vote on community choice.
-Hang out on reddit. Typically r/steam, r/gamedeals, etc will all have pricing breakdowns, cost per hours of game play, and more updated each day. These are super helpful resources if you're just getting into Steam sales, it will definitely help narrow your purchases and the comments can help you discover new games!

Let me know in the comments or on Twitter if there are any games you're looking forward to that I need to add to my wishlist (I know what I have is actually kind of a small list)!
Also what are your Indie Game recs (I only have like 1 on the list).....I am looking at you Caitlin!

Well thanks for reading! Love you all!

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