Makeup Monday::It's Back::Beauty Box Edition!

Do you guys remember when Makeup Monday was a thing? I mean it's been like 2 months! Well, I have a back log of things to talk about and finally a few free hours to pound out some makeup posts for you! 

So, I think what I am going to talk about first is this fabulous beauty case I picked up! It did not take long in my makeup collecting for me to start busting out of all the drawers in the bathroom. My poor roommates and husband who needed to brush their teeth or something while I was putting my make up on!  

So Andy and I decided it was time for me to find a storage device to handle the growing makeup collection (do you guys remember the part in Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows part 2 when they break into Gringots and everything they touch multiplies, that's what my makeup collection has been like lately).

So we researched like mad, we looked into tool boxes, tackle boxes, and of course beauty boxes themselves. I really wanted something that will hold everything I have plus things I am going to have in the future. Obviously it also needed to be pretty, duh. 

So we found this:

Photo Cred: Andrew Cox
Photo Cred: Andrew Cox
Inside Beautify Cosmetics Box
Photo Cred: Andrew Cox
I love it! It's both pretty and practical, 2 things everything needs to be.  It fits everything, including my large coastal scents palette (it proved to be difficult to find something that , that palette would fit into)! Right now, I have just the perfect amount of makeup, that I can split the little "drawers" into "mascara and eye stuff", "lips", "primers and face", "blush/bronzer", "bobby pins, hair stuff", and then all my brushes, eye palette, and lip liners at the bottom! 

This may be my favorite makeup purchase so far! It's super handy and let's be real, I love anything that's going to organize my stuff! This case is the perfect size, it's just between "too small too actually fit anything" and "Holy crap I should never have that much makeup"

Here's my unrelated question of the day for you! What is your favorite mascara? So far I have not found one that I love! Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!

Love you all :)

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