Saturday Adventures! And Wednesday Margaritas!

Hello Blog World!

Well, it had been a while, as per usual my excuse is going to be that our lives have been crazy, which is (as per usual) true! It has been pretty non stop the past few weeks, we gotten some new clients (exciting) and new websites to build (exciting) however, it has made life a little extra all over the place! So Saturday Andy and I finally took some time to ourselves and had a photo shoot adventure. We took a long drive, chatted about life and dreams, and took some awesome pictures. It has been really cool for me to see Andy getting more into photography, it is definitely re-inspiring my love of it. I have barely touched my camera in the last year but, having someone encouraging me to go on photo adventures is really helpful!

Well I hope you all enjoyed the super random Wednesday post! I will sit here and finish my margarita and write a lot more emails (perks of being your own boss).

Love you 

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