Weekend Happenings

There are so many great things that happened last week, the highlight would definitely have to be Drew and Sarah's grand opening of Travel Well. First and foremost it was just excellent to spend a whole day with Sarah, it's been far too long since we got to hang out, sure we were busy doing stuff but it was still great! Also their store is just absolutely gorgeous, check it out:

Then I got to have a completely spontaneous hang out sesh with Hannah! It was also LARAC (follow this link for information on what LARAC is) this weekend so Hannah and I walked around for like 3 hours, got some super delicious kettle corn, and just caught up on life. I got to see her adorable apartment which I had not seen yet. I almost forgot that our awkwardness seems to quadruple when we are near each other and in public. I am pretty sure every single person that saw us thought we were complete crazy people. Seriously we somehow couldn't even use an elevator that only spans 3 floors properly and lets be real, stairs just weren't a thing we felt like doing. One of us probably would have ended up falling down them anyways (it's okay, I give you permission to laugh because you know that's true and yes Josh I would have gotten a concussion). I am going to get all real for a second, I feel like I don't always give Hannah enough credit because it's hard for me to not picture the little 11 year old girl I met when Andy and I first started dating. However, hanging out with her this weekend really got me thinking about how much she has changed and grown up. It's been awesome to see the person that she is becoming and who her and Tyler are becoming together.
Okay sentimental moment over.

I feel like I have been working so much I haven't seen anyone! So it was wonderful to have all of Saturday to just see people.
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