Picture Posts: Local Beauty

Taking time for myself has proven to be a bit of a challenge lately. Between all of our business ventures, dinner, and attempting to keep the house semi-clean in the process, I feel like I haven't  had a minute to spare. So this morning I woke up extra early (5:30am) to be out the door for some me time by 6am.

I headed on a short walk to the little pavilion and dock in Fort Ann, I have kind of fallen in love with it down there. It's always empty and it can be pretty peaceful. If you can ignore the fact that the water is brown and look past the empty beer boxes from some teenagers party there, it really can be a beautiful place. I really wish it was taken care of a bit more, I think I am going to start taking a trash bag with me each time I go down there.
I am sure I just made it sound terrible, so I'll show you what it can look like when you ignore those things, a picture is worth a thousand words right?

It was a very nice little break this morning, sitting on the dock snapping a few photos. I hope you all enjoyed!

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