Picture Posts: Around the House

I don't think I give our house the proper appreciation it deserves. This places is basically a creative persons dream. A lot of this is owed to Sarah and Drew and their great sense of interior decorating, seriously I have no idea how they do it!
I remember talking to Abbey back in January when she was here to visit how inspirational this house is, but I haven't really given it a thought since then. It is so easy to get going so fast we forget to appreciation the blessings like our house! I mean seriously I am in this place every day, how do I forget to thank God for how awesome it is? So I went around and took some pictures around the house to share how exactly I see this place. Mixed in are a few older ones from last June.

Instagram Views

There was originally going to be a lot more Instagram photos but, then my phone decided to die so, you get only 3 old ones!

 That's it for today, just a few snapshots of the place I call home! With a call to everyone to think about all those blessings we tend to let slip our mind!
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