How to Make Grocery Shopping More Fun

Hello lovely blog reading people!

You may or may not know that I have a serious problem with grocery shopping......I am way to organized about it, okay maybe this isn't a "problem" per say but, when it comes to shopping I believe in staying super organized to help keep our little family on budget. Feeding 4 people in their 20's can get expensive for all of us very quickly if we don't have some process in place. I can currently feel everyone else in our house rolling their eyes as they read that line because this is the mantra I repeat almost every week!
Now, to prepare for shopping, I always plan out all of our meals ahead of time. Normally I do this just on a plain piece of paper. However, always wanted to make some pretty organizers for me (and whoever else) to use when  we make the daunting weekly grocery shopping trip. You can't be upset grocery shopping when you have pretty things with you! 

I had a super fun time making these, I'm pretty new (as you will be able to tell by some of these lines) to the designing world so it was nice to refine some of my skills working on these! I decided to share with you all!

Click each photo below to download (it will open in  Google Drive!):

Well everyone, I sincerely hope you enjoy these! I know I am going to!

Love you all!

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